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Relocation Toolkits

With a job offer in hand and with employers' support, it's quite easy to relocate in this region. The real estate rentals are easy to access via web and innitial payments can be supported by the bank checques provided from the employers. At the same time, shopping is quite easy due a wide number of malls around. In locations like- Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Doha etc., it's well organized with available real estate agents around, other moving service provider companies around etc. Many information is also available in the web.

CV Writing Services

CV writing skill is very important for any job seeker. A potential job opportunity may get turned down just by looking at your resume. A resume has to be attractive in terms of explaining your potential at a glance. Your profile just by a single look has to illustrate you as one of the most closest match with the profile the employer is looking for. Remember, the person who is screening (if manually), may be looking at your profile for a maximum period of 10 seconds before rejecting or accepting it. So, you have got to be bang on target. We recommend you to maintain a standardized CV of yours. However, you can make a little changes here an there to put the right information at the right place in the resume.

We have a dedicated CV writing team who are able to help you out to write a professional resume that should help you get through the initial screening phase for the right job that you deserve. You can always get in touch with us for our help with your resume.

Just drop us an email to this address -; and one of our consultant will get back to you. 

Interview Guidelines

Interview is the most important step in the job hunting process, as we all know. It's bet important to have a focused approach at every interview. Remember your resume is your identity to the employer and you are the proof of it. Stick to the strengths that you have portrayed in your resume. Keep your nerves together for anything that may come in your way. You may face a very uncomfortable situation at the interview whether because of the looks that the interviewers are giving you or because of warm of the situation. Just stay calm and be sure of what you want out of the interview. All the interviewers want is a perfectly confident, efficient, hard working, knowledgeable, and experienced guy to do the job. If you know that you are that person, just be yourself and you will get through it.

We also recommend to balance between over confidence and under confidence. You talking has to show your confidence and expertise for the job. Use example of your your previous experiences, works, or any incident that may help you explain the best logic, and your credibility. If everything goes right, you may get the offer right away. Don't get disappointed, if you hear 'we will get back to you'. You may always have some close competition. 

Regarding offer negotiation, if something very attractive comes on your way, grab it and be happy. Once the negotiating part comes in, try to get the employers somewhere near your expectation. However, you shouldn't push too hard, cause you may loose it all. It's also a good idea to a day or two to think of the offer.

Salary Guides

In the Middle East market, salary range is a gradual process that increases with time and experience. It's safe to say that the more you get experienced in the region, the more you will get remunerated. Regardless of industries, work culture is unique in this region. For example- work culture in the UAE is far different than in the Saudi Arabia or so in other GCC countries. This due serveral reasons- cultural diversity, depth of business growth, local culture etc. As per different salary servays here, the top executives are very much satisfied with their salary package, the mid-management level executives are also satisfied, however the beginners and junior level executives are not always happy with their packages. 

Salary ranges also depend on other variables, i.e.- real estate expenses in the current market, other living expense standards. The executives' allowances vary due to these factors. We are going to be conducting a salary syrvey in the region soon and will be able to provide more accurate information as per industry and positions.  

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