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Retained Executive Search

We offer Retained Executive Search to our clients for Highly Technical Positions and Top Executive Positions. We are able to provide clients top profile candidates with a proven track record. We deal with positions like-

- Chief Executive Officer

- Chief Financial Officer

- Managing Director

- General Manager

- Director

- Head of Credit Control

- Many other Top Executive & Highly Technical positions.

We take up assignments selectively. One of the prime aspects of taking up any position is to understand the clients' work environment and also the job description. After understanding of the clients’ nature of business and work environment, we focus on the job role properly so that we can approach the most appropriate candidates. Our consultants then get into the niche industry to specific companies (if necessary) to find out the best fit.

If the best candidates are considering a move, we shall then screen the candidates thoroughly. We will do the candidates’ past work record checking, reference checking, take physical interviews, negotiate the offer etc.   Once the employer expectation and candidate’s expectation is at a similar level, we shall than step in to the negotiation process to settle the job offer.

We recommend any prospective client to go for our Retained Executive Search for any tough to fill positions that  is important for the company. The right person at the right place can create progress and properity at any point in time.


Contingency Search & Selection

We take up various vacancies on Contingent basis, we do not charge until and unless the candidate joins. It's a win-win situation for all our Clients, where they get to pick the best, till selected we do the work for them. We do work on Contingent basis for the following industries:

- Oil & Gas

- Real Estate

- Construction

- Manufacturing

- Trading & Retail

- Facility Management

- Food & Beverage



Contingent Search for these roles:

- Mid Level Management

- Technical Management

- Junior Level Management  



Overseas Recruitment for Blue Collar Employees

We have a seperate division for overseas recruitment services. Every year there are many people coming in from different parts of the world for work. Our overseas network is wide spread in many different countries. We specialize in there countries-

- Morocco

- Romania

- India

- Pakistan

- Nepal

- Sri Lanka

- Bangladesh

- Thailand

- Ethiopia &

- Philippines


Our team can fulfill any requirement for our clients in civil categories, mechanical categories, hospitality sectors etc. We can categorize the diversity of Unskilled, Semi-skilled, and Skilled positions that we can provide like the following way-

Skilled Categories: Painters (spray, furniture, building etc.), Carpenters, Masons, Electricians, Welders, Curtain Makers, Sofa Makers, Fabricators, Steel Fixers, Glass Fixers, Mechanics, Plumbers/ Pipe Fitters, Foreman, chef, cook etc.

General Categories: General Labors, Helpers, Office boy, Restaurant waiters, Loading and Unloading workers etc.

Drivers: Heavy Vehicle Drivers, Light Vehicle Drivers, Crane Operator, Forklifts Operator etc.

Other Categories: Cleaners, Maintenance people, Security Guards, Camp Boss, Cooks or Chefs, Bar Tender etc.

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